PICTURES FROM Bali Buying Trips & Sourcing Trips with Indonesia Export

Here are a few photos of items around Bali that have caught our eye recently -- all the links will open a slideshow in a new window or tab from the news and updates area of our website.

These items are not in our catalogue yet but If you're interested, drop us a line and we'll confirm pricing for you. We'll be expanding the categories over the next few weeks but for now, we've divided the presentation into stone, wood, glass and other.

If you're interested in spending a few days with us, you can scroll down the page to read a little background on sourcing with us or review all our services by clicking here: Services Overview.

  • Buying and Sourcing Glass Products in Bali
  • Buying and Sourcing Stone Products in Bali
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Buying Sourcing Stone Products in Bali
Buying Sourcing Wood Products in Bali
Buying Sourcing Glass Products in Bali
Buying Sourcing Products in Bali

Bali Buying Trips & Sourcing Trips with Indonesia Export

Buyers visit Bali and Java year round to find new products and suppliers.

For some, the trip is an annual event -- a two to four week stay that mixes business and pleasure. For others, Bali is a regular buying stop on their way to Thailand and China as they set up their product lines for the year ahead.

If you're considering a buying trip to Bali, you may want to considering the following:

It's one thing to look at a catalogue and see products that might be 'right' but it's another thing entirely to see these products first-hand, pick them up and develop a feel for them.

When you know the products and where they come from, you'll also be able to tell whether your customers would like them; roughly how much they might fetch and, very importantly: you'll know if the cost price works or not.

If you don't visit the island, you'll be stuck with print and online catalogues -- and most of these (not ours of course) are pretty much out of date the day the product photo is taken. If we're talking about a print catalogue, they'll be six to twelve months out of date by the time they're printed and distributed. Getting to Bali and having a look around is the only way to see what's happening now.

Meeting the makers will educate you on the strengths and weaknesses of the suppliers. You'll be able to redraw your plans, reorganise your schedules and refine your expectations based on reality.

You'll learn that most (nearly all) products really are made by hand.

You'll learn that when people tell you production takes slightly longer in the rainy season, it's because the rain really does make a difference. (It's one thing for me to tell you that, it's another thing entirely to see cars stalled in three feet of water on the only road in and out of the main production area.)

You'll also learn that when there's a religious ceremony in Bali, the whole village really does come to a grinding halt. And don't imagine 'holiday=day off'; that's not how it works in Bali. Firstly, there's no choice: when there's a ceremony in your village, you're going and that's that. Secondly, there's no 'off' -- in Bali, 'holiday=holy day' -- preparations will often begin long before dawn and the stretch way past sunset. These days are mentally and physically exhausting -- far more so than a day at a desk in an air conditioned office. You'll also learn, for real, Bali culture and religion is more important than commerce -- ceremonies and holy days can shut down anything from a shop, to a street, to a main highway to the whole island including the airport.

Buying means traveling around Bali looking for products in stock; selecting them yourself and then organising to have them picked up and packed up for shipment.

Does it sound easy? It's not.

A buying trip creates tremendous pressure -- you're in a situation where you have to get everything bought, quality controlled, packed up and over to the cargo company before you fly out.

If you're here for a full month, no problem. If you're here for a week, we can pretty much guarantee you'll be exhausted and overwhelmed by the time you're ready to go home. This is very much the case if you're planning a shipment with a wide variety of products inside...

...let's say you're planning a hundred different product lines inside a container. That means that if you meet the right supplier every time (impossible), you'll visit at least one hundred different suppliers to choose products, negotiate payment and finalise your order...'ll get tired. You'll get overwhelmed. You'll make mistakes.

A Buying Trip in Bali with Indonesia Export

This is where we come in:

The end result is that you don't waste your time meeting bad suppliers, running over budget and ordering more than your container can hold. You save time and money.

If you'd like to know more, please email us or head over to our our services pages for more information on buying and sourcing in Bali.


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