Our single-tier garden umbrellas (parasols) are handmade in Bali from cotton, satin, bamboo and durian wood.

These single-tier umbrellas are 2.5 meters tall with an open diameter of 1.7 meters. The umbrella tops are hand-stitched satin or cotton, tightly stretched over bamboo slats and crowned with a durian wood (Durio dulcis) carving finished in a gold or sliver motif. The same motif and paint finish is repeated on the umbrella stem. Inside the umbrella, the join between the top of the stem and umbrella head is masked with a decorative handwoven cotton web. The durian wood stems are two-piece, connected / locked with a chrome-finished aluminium sleeve. Accent tassles are made from capiz shell, foil and wood beads.

Balinese Umbrella Features

Many more colors, motifs and materials are available in Bali -- email us your specifications and we'll confirm back to you quickly with details and pricing.

Along with print designs, motifs can also be embroidered or handpainted. We can produce umbrella bags in plain cotton or to match the umbrella top color / material / pattern. You can specify your own paterns and motifs for carved and painted detailing (crown and stem).

Metal hardware is available in silver (chrome) or gold finish -- email us if you have your own specifications. There are many, many types, styles and quality levels of accent tassles available . Standard packing is simply carton roll (thick, corrugated paper). We can organise custom boxes / packaging according to your specifications.

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