Cargo Rates

We can handle all the cargo arrangements and take care of all necessary official documentation (certificate of origin, B/L, commercial invoice & packing list, quota visas, etc.) for most of our customers.

Usually, we can only quote you on shipping to your port not all the way to your door.

Sometimes you can get a better deal on your end, so we ask you to check the rates on your end. Whichever rate is best for you, that's the way we go.


Insurance for your shipment can be purchased in Indonesia from our cargo company -- for a relatively high price and collecting a claim from an Indonesian carrier or insurance company sometimes can take a very long time.

If a customer wants to insure their shipment, our advice always is go to your local casualty agent (the same company you buy car & house insurance from) and ask your agent to sell you a policy that insures your shipment "Ex-factory to your front door". Safest and most cost-effective way to go.

That said, we're happy to organise insurance for your shipment from our side here in Bali -- most important thing is that we do recommend you insure your shipment.

Customs Brokers

One of your responsibilities to yourself is to make contact with about five or six customs brokers (or however many necessary) and check their pricing.

Once you have a broker, it's his or her job to handle all the paperwork that we send, clear your shipment through your customs, settle any duties necessary and so on.

Your customs broker is also a good person to recommend the most cost-effective way of moving your shipment from the port to your front door (remember, we're charging you only for delivery to your nearest port. Our responsibility stops there and yours begins.)

As you can see, it is necessary that both you and I take great care with regard to the mix of products in your order and how we go about shipping your order.

When we receive your order, we will advise you the approximate cost of shipping it. In addition, we will always make suggestions regarding upgrading or downgrading the size of your order so that you get the most cost-effective cargo rates and methods of shipment.