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We've been exporting furniture, decor & handicrafts from Bali, Java & Lombok since 1995 (thank you).

We're based in Bali and this catalogue is wholesale only -- the prices are only available to registered buyers.

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Furniture From Bali

Furniture is an important part of our wholesale catalogue -- we currently offer nearly 1,000 different models online and we're always working on custom projects for various customers. Drop us a line if you have any questions.

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We currently offer over 900 Different Models of Furniture Across 6 Product Lines...

Bali Bamboo Furniture

Furniture -- Bamboo...
...one of Bali's (and our) first ever popular export products -- back by popular demand.

Bali Teak Furniture

Kiln-dried Teak Furniture assembled & finished right here in Bali.

Racks & Cabinets...
Sofas & Chairs...

Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Furniture -- Synthetic Rattan...
...the furniture is hand woven, the materials are man-made (synthetic); the result is a very saleable mix of modern, durable furniture with a traditional touch.

Recycled Teak Furniture

Furniture -- Recycled Teak...
...unique and interesting pieces -- hat stands, shelves, tv cabinets, benches and much more.

Bali Woven Banaleaf Furniture

Furniture -- Banana Leaf...

...handwoven bananleaf furniture -- sofas, armchairs, mirror frames, coffee tables.

Updated October 16th, 2006

Teak Root Furniture

Furniture -- Teak Root...
...one of the more traditional handicrafts from Bali -- the artist follows the shape of the root itself to create different items of furniture. No two pieces are ever alike.


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