Importing from Bali don't have to be a gigantic conglomerate to join in the import business. This business got its start about 16 years ago by buying some stuff in Bali and taking a few boxes to Taiwan on the airplane and then re-selling it; and... don't have to buy $50,000 worth of product or 500 pieces of one model to get started. We've set our minimums per product relatively low, so that new customers may start out slowly.

Because you're buying direct, you can mark-up our price significantly to the end-buyer -- and still have a very satisfied customer who feels he or she got their money's worth.

Most people are absolutely astonished at the mark-up available (and some refuse to believe it) -- but there's no magic involved -- up until just a few years ago, these prices were available only to a major buyer who had the time, money, and courage to travel out here. The Internet has given all of us a practical, efficient way to display products for sale and a superbly economical system for communicating about everything at lightening speed.

We have quite a bit of experience retailing in various countries, and in many cases, if you ask our opinion about what sells well and at what price level, we'll be happy to share our experience with you.

We have helped quite a few people enter the import business from the ground floor and now they are good customers. Of course, we wish the same for you (and for us). Please feel free to question us in any manner you like and we'll try to help out.

And did you know that...

...most people tend to think that buying and importing products from one country to another is quite difficult, complicated, and involves all sorts of bureaucracy. We're happy to inform you that that's not true. In most countries, the procedure is quite simple.

But, most importantly... need someone on this end that you can trust and depend on -- to handle your money correctly, to make sure you get the right order, the right quality, the right documents -- to complain to if there's a problem.

We're in a business that requires repeat customers. Taking care of you is an automatic concern of ours. We do that very well and we're proud of it.

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