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Abstract -- Sand Carvings
Abstract Carvings
Adults Only
Albesia Primitives - Color
Animal Wall Plaques
Animals - Cute
Animals - Small & Simple
Animals -- Camels
Animals -- Cats
Animals -- Dogs
Animals -- Elephants
Animals -- Fancy
Animals -- Giraffes
Antique Finish Wood Carvings
Articulated Figures
Asmat Primitive Carvings - Teak
Bali Leather Puppets
Bali Rococo
Balinese Baskets
Balinese Classics -- Abstracts
Balinese Classics -- Animal Carvings
Balinese Classics -- Buddha Carvings
Balinese Classics -- Dolphins & Whales
Balinese Classics -- Dragons
Balinese Classics -- Storyboards
Balinese Classics -- Traditional Carvings
Balinese Doors
Balinese Plaques & Statues
Balinese Umbrellas
Balinese Wall Plaques
Bamboo & Wood Containers
Bamboo Bird Houses
Bamboo Products
Bamboo Root
Bamboo Root Ducks
Bamboo Serving Trays
Bamboo Totems
Bamboo Vases
Bamboo Windchimes
Batik Products
Batik Travel Bags
Batik Wood Carvings
Batik Wood Elephants
Bird Cages
Birds - Albesia Pelicans
Birds on the Branch
Bronze Statues 2012
Buddha Reliefs
Carved Coconut Shells
Carved Containers with Rattan
Carved Walking Sticks
Carved Wooden Jewelry Boxes from Lombok
Ceramic Incense and Spice Dishes
Christmas Tree Decorations
Coconut Bag
Coconut Utensils
Contemporary Iron & Metal Work
Crazy Painted Carvings
Crocodile Wood Carvings
Curtain Pulls
Dashboard Toys
Dollhouse Animals
Dolphin & Whale Plaques
Driftwood Products
Drums, Rainsticks & Didgeridoos
East-West -- Animals
East-West -- Miscellaneous
East-West -- Sea Life
East-West -- Wall & Table Decorations
Essential Oils
Eye Glass Holders
Fancy Lampshade
Fashion Accessories - Bangles
Fashion Accessories - Belts
Fashion Accessories - Book Mark
Fashion Accessories - Bracelets
Fashion Accessories - Earrings
Fashion Accessories - Key Chain
Fashion Accessories - Necklaces
Fashion Accessories - Rings
Fashion Accessories - Sets
Fashion Accessories - Wood Earrings
Fashion Accessories - Wood Necklaces
Flowers - Coconut Wood & Corn
Flowers - Natural
Flowers -- Painted Wood
Fruit Baskets
Furniture -- Bamboo
Furniture -- Banana Leaf
Furniture -- Rattan
Furniture -- Recycled Teak
Furniture -- Synthetic Rattan
Furniture -- Teak & Batyline
Furniture -- Teak Beds
Furniture -- Teak Chairs & Sofas
Furniture -- Teak Racks & Cabinets
Furniture -- Teak Root
Furniture -- Teak Tables
Glass & Cup Coasters
Glass Lanterns and Lampshades
Golden Buddha
Greeting Cards
Handbags & Shoulderbags
Incense & Holders
Inlaid Resin Photo Frames
Insect Keychains
Javanese Style Wooden Decor
Javanese Wood Trays & Coasters
Jigsaw Puzzles
Kid's Carvings
Kids' Stick Carvings
Kitchen Utensil Holders
Leather Fans
Leather Handicraft
Letter Openers
Limestone Carvings
Lombok Baskets and Platters
Masks -- Sand
Masks -- Stick
Metal -- Candle Holders
Metal Candle Lanterns
Metal Handicrafts - Candle Lanterns
Metal Handicrafts - Candle Screens
Metal Handicrafts - Incense Holders
Metal Handicrafts - Lamps, Vases & Candleholders
Metal Handicrafts - Miscellaneous
Metal Handicrafts - Painted Metal Sculptures
Metal Handicrafts - Wrought Iron
Metal Handicrafts - Wrought Iron CD Racks
Metal Wall Decorations
Metal Wood Candleholder
Miniature Musical Instruments
Mirror Frames
Mirror Frames - Bali Wood
More Items in Stock
More Tiki & Surf Signs
Mosaic Ashtrays
Mosaic Bowls & Pots
Mosaic Containers
Mosaic Decorations
Mosaic Geckos
Mosaic Tissue Holders
Napkin & Tissue Holders
Napkin Rings
Native American Carvings & Cigar Store Indians
Native American Products
Natural Flower
Natural Frames
Natural Palm And Rattan Products
Noise Makers
Now in Stock
Outdoor Lamps & Torches
Painted Bali Metal Products
Painted Bali Metal Products -- Christmas Edition
Painted Coconut Leaf Platters
Painted Eggshells
Painted Wooden Signs
Palm Tree
Pandan Boxes
Parasite Wood Carvings
Pastel Plaques
Pencil Holders
Photo Frames
Piggy Banks
Pirate and Skull -- Boxes, Cabinets and Racks
Pirate and Skull Concept -- Statues and Carvings
Pirate and Skull Concept -- Walking Sticks, Wheels, Paddles and Backscratchers
Pirate and Skull Concept -- Wall Decoration
Potted Bouquets
Pouches, Purses & Small Bags
Primitive Carvings - Candlenut
Primitive Carvings - Painted
Promotion on Wash Basins
Pumice Stone Products
Puppets - Carved Wooden
Rag Dolls
Rattan Baskets
Rattan Models
Recently Shipped
Recycled Glass Sculptures
Resin and Wrought Iron Lanterns and Lampshades
Resin Keyfobs
Resin Lampshades
Resin Sculptures
Resin Tableware
Retail Display Products
River Stones
Screens/Room Dividers
Shoulder Bags
Siamese Cats
Silver Jewelry - Bracelets
Silver Jewelry - Brooch
Silver Jewelry - Cellphone, Jeans Dangle
Silver Jewelry - Children
Silver Jewelry - Earrings
Silver Jewelry - Necklaces
Silver Jewelry - Pendants
Silver Jewelry - Rings
Silver Jewelry - Sets
Silver Jewelry - Star Signs
Skulls & Skeletons
Small Parasite Carvings
Stationery - Organic Material
Stationery - Recycled Paper
Stepping Stones
Stock-October 18-06
Stone Carvings -- Bowls and Pedestals
Stone Carvings -- Fountains
Stone Carvings -- Lanterns
Stone Carvings -- Statues
Stone Carvings -- Wall Plaques
Stone, Copper & Aluminium
Suede Purses
Sun Motif Mirrors & Medallions
Surfboard Mirrors and Signs
Table Top Decorations
Tabletop Fountains
Teak Wood Products
Terracotta Pottery -- Javanese Glazed Pottery
Terracotta Pottery -- Javanese Vases & Pots
Terracotta Pottery -- Painted Terracotta
Terracotta Pottery -- Sand and Rattan
Tiki Bamboo
Tiki Figures
Tiki Guitars
Tiki Paddles
Tiki Signs
Tiki Signs And Wall Decorations
Tiki Surfboards
Tissue Holders
Toothpick Holders
Traditional Style Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations
Trays & Platters
Tree Candleholders
Tree Sprites
Tropical Fish
Two-Tone Albesia Wood Carvings
Umbrella Stands
Wall Aquarium
Wall Decorations
Wall Decorations -- Sand
Wall Hangings
Wash Basins
Wind Dancers
Wine Holders
Wood & Metal Combination Sculpture
Wood Plates & Bowls Placemats & Coasters
Wood, Coffee Root and Driftwood Lamps
Wooden Artwork
Wooden Ashtrays
Wooden Candleholders - Classic
Wooden Candleholders - Pop Art
Wooden Shield
Wooden Vases
Woven Baskets
Woven Placemats
Woven Products
Wrought Iron Animals



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