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Indonesia Export is a fully registered, Indonesian company based in Bali about 15 minutes away from Denpasar airport (Bali, DPS). We are a wholesale only supplier of Balinese, Javanese and Lombok handmade and factory produced furniture, homeware, handicrafts, jewelry and gifts.

Each island or region of Indonesia is famous for certain types of craft.

Bali, for example, is well know for its cheap, souvenir style wooden handicrafts and clothing -- the type of products you can see and buy cheaply in Kuta any day of the week. That said, Kuta though cheap is not the center of the craft industry in Bali and definitely not the right place to go for wholesale buying...

...away from the coast, around the Ubud area, you'll find one of South East Asia's most dense and productive handicraft centers where artisans have been working in a wide range of media (wood, stone, glass, iron, bronze, silver, rattan, etc.) for many, many years.

Close to the island of Bali -- only half an hour flight -- the island of Lombok has also developed a reputation for a wide number of different crafts although the terracotta pottery and mahogany products are probably the best known and Lombok has been a regular destination for wholesale chest, mask and pottery buyers for many years.

Slightly further away, the island of Java is very well known for furniture -- particularly the areas around Jepara, Solo & Klaten.

If you're looking for cheap Bali products or looking to purchase Balinese crafts or decor in bulk, we invite you to sign up with us and take a look at our bali wholesale prices -- if you don't have time to work through the sign-up stage, you can just drop us a line with any questions you might have.

If you're looking for wholesale silver or fashion jewelry or balinese wholesale beads, I hope you'll take a few minutes to visit my wife's website: Beads-Bali.com -- all the prices are online and it's geared exclusively for jewelry buyers.

We are constantly adding new Balinese handicrafts, homeware and furniture to our catalogue -- please check out the New Products section of our blog for details.

If you would like a preview of our prices before registering, please visit our Balinese Metal Wall Decorations page -- you'll find one page with pricing beneath each thumbnail.

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PT Indonesia Export
No.17 Jl. Muding Batu Sanghyang 8
Lingkungan Batu Bidak Kerobokan Kaja
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Tel: (+62 361) 844 4358
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