Notes on Wood

Albesia or Belalu [Albizia falcata]...

...white, soft wood -- sometimes brown at
the center, often used for inexpensive,
painted wood carvings.

Painted Flowers - Carved from Albesia Wood from Indonesia Export
Crocodile Wood Carvings from Indonesia Export

Crocodile or Satin Wood [Zanthoxylum rhetsa]...

...white, relatively hard wood. Carvings usually
have a very smooth finish -- making them look
look a little like ivory.

Suar or Rain Tree [Samanea saman]...

...brown, hard wood -- favored wood of importers
outside of the tropics because the crisscrossed,
interlocking grain keeps the wood from cracking
when moved to drier climates. It can be finished
to a fairly high gloss.

Suar Wood Carvings from Indonesia Export
Hibiscus Wood Carvings from Indonesia Export

Waru or Grey Hibiscus [Hibiscus tiliaceus]...

...white blended with light gray -- the dark
heartwood often makes for distinctive two-tone
carvings. As this wood ages, the gray turns
greenish -- a very beautiful look. Grey hibiscus
can be sanded to a very smooth finish.


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