LCL quote from Bali to Brisbane with notes on why shipping by Less than Container Load (LCL) is not a great option for a number of reasons…

Items shipped by LCL require additional packing and crating compared with items inside a container. An item packaged for container shipping, might see it’s total volume increase by 5-10% compared with 30-50% packaged inside wood crates. That means for every dollar you spend on LCL shipping, $0.30 to $0.50 cents is just packing material.

LCL wood crates are loaded in and out of containers and storage areas multiple times before they reach your port. Each time the crates are handled, there is the potential risk of damage to your items. So, even though they are robustly packed, you still have a greater likelihood of breakage and loss.

The minimum order for shipping by sea is 1 cubic meter and because certain fees like fumigation and documentation are the same whether you ship one cubic meter or five cubic meters, this will probably end up costing you around US$500 – here’s a recent example to show you what I mean:

Ocean Freight to BrisbaneUSD$45.00 PER CBM45.00225.00
TruckingUSD$14.00 PER CBM14.0070.00
HandlingUSD$12.00 PER CBM12.0060.00
Custom ClearanceShipment30.0030.00
Standard PackingUSD$20.00 PER CBM20.00100.00
Wood Crate PackingUSD$40.00 PER CBM40.00200.00
Fumigation (1-5 Cbm)Shipment115.00115.00
Ispm#15 & LabelingShipment35.0035.00
Document & CourierShipment90.0090.00
Bill Of LadingShipment10.0010.00
Absormatic SmallUSD$10 PER CBM10.0050.00

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