General Bali Stock for August 7

A quick and rough selection of available stock.

Items include suar wood bowls, teak wood bowls, wooden chopsticks, mdf & wood wall decorations, photo frames, durian shaped wood bowls and a bronze hand of Buddha.

Quantities range from 5-50 pieces of each item. Contact us for more details

No minimum order.

Pictures below and, if you’re logged in, under the pictures you’ll see a link to a price sheet.

Price Notes

  • Prices as of August 7, 2020
  • Prices are ex-factory, Bali and do not include packing material, labels, shipping, etc.
  • Products are ready stock.
  • Orders will be prepared, picked up and stored at our warehouse at no charge for up to 6 months. Means you can order now with no pressure to ship.

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