Traditionally Handmade Garden Parasol — White Cotton Top — Capiz & Wood Accent


Perfect for parties and special events like weddings and parties or just to add that extra stylish note to your garden or patio, our signature umbrellas are inspired by Balinese ceremonial parasols used to decorate Balinese temples during all the special holidays. 

A blend of coastal cool, resort luxury and Bali mystique. Unique, natural and tactile.

Our classic Bali parasols are handmade from organic, sustainable materials in the village of Mengwi by a family of artisans skilled in the art over three generations.

Each umbrella represents the combined efforts of tailors, painters, wood carvers, bamboo carvers and can take two weeks from start to finish.

Now available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

The Balinese Umbrella
The View From Below

The umbrella tops are hand-stitched organic white cotton — tightly stretched over bamboo slats and capped with an ornately handcarved durian wood (Durio dulcis) carving finished in a gold motif. 

Accessories are handstamped, gold metal hearts, handcarved wood and cotton tassles, coconut buttons.

Handwoven, cotton web gives the umbrella it’s spring and tension.



Shipping is Free anywhere in New Zealand.

We guarantee our umbrellas — if you have any problems on receipt, please contact us for a replacement or refund.

NZD$ 275


Brightly coloured, decorative umbrellas are a frequent sight all over Bali at temples, gatherings, religious celebrations and weddings.

It is believed that umbrellas were first introduced to Bali in the 13th century by Chinese merchants and that a visiting Chinese dignitary created a stir by using a traditional parasol to shield her from the sun. Since that time, umbrellas have become a symbol of high office. They are held above rulers by retainers during processions or while the ruler is seated. No Balinese ceremony would be complete without them.

The ornate and colourful umbrellas adorning the compounds of Balinese temples are known as Tedung which means “guard”. Different colours of umbrellas reflect the nature of the ceremony that is taking place at a temple. Each colour has a special meaning, with black and white symbolising harmony, yellow symbolising glory and other colours alluding to religious manifestations, transforming the umbrellas from everyday items to sacred ceremonial instruments.


The 2-piece pole is 3.5cm wide — fits standard umbrella bases available at most patio furniture stores. We recommend 15kg as minimum base weight.

On first opening, the top of the umbrella will feel very stiff. Please don’t worry about breaking the umbrella and keep pushing until the peg hole appears. 

As the tops are simply elegant, white cotton, these umbrellas are not fully waterproof or UV resistant and should be dried, closed and covered when not in use. For extended outdoor use – please treat the cotton top with a fabric protection spray. 


We welcome trade enquiries and bespoke designs. 

We are able to supply:

  • Custom colours including umbrella tops, accents, accessories, carving finishes.
  • A range of fabric qualities and types (cotton, satin, waterproof). 
  • Different sizes — height, diameter.
  • Custom motifs — handpainted & screenprinted.

Please note that production and shipping on bespoke or wholesale orders can take up to 4 months from receipt of deposit to arrival in New Zealand. 

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