There is no easier, cheaper or safer way to ship out of Bali.


Now available: shared space in our next container to the UK.

Container ships from Bali beginning of March and will be available from our warehouse mid-April — just in time for 2017 Summer sales and promotions.

Shipping cost will be £200 per cubic metre, landed in Felixstowe. Meaning the charge includes custom clearance, VAT, duties and all import fees on handicrafts and furniture. Certain items like jewellery or clothing or items carved from bone may require additional certification and additional duties.

Rate does not include postage / trucking from our warehouse to your door.


You can order and ship products from our catalogue or…
…you can order and ship products from your own suppliers and have them delivered to our Bali warehouse or we can pick up, check label and pack for you at reasonable rates.

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The Indonesia Export Wholesale CatalogueTHE PRODUCTION CATALOGUE

We carry a huge range of products in our Bali Catalogue. Small production orders are welcome — minimum orders for production £200 (not including shipping). Minimum per model for production is 5 pieces.

Click here to visit our production catalogue and make an order.

If you wish to order less than 5 pieces of any item, let us know and we’ll go out and find you similar stock. Custom / bespoke decor and furniture orders are very welcome. You’re also welcome to send us images of items you want but can’t find in our online catalogue.


logisticsIf you have orders from other suppliers here in Bali or are planning to purchase or order items from your own suppliers, we also offer these services at  very, very reasonable rates:

  • Supplier Audit — Visit your suppliers and make sure your order is progressing as planned.
  • Quality Control — Full, intensive or Spot Checks.
  • Pickups from anywhere in Bali.
  • Packing — Wholesale, simple packing or individually boxed as per your requirements.

Email us your requirements or connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn:

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