Shipping from Bali to UK

We pick up your items from your supplier, hotel or villa and bring them to our warehouse in Bali. We pack everything up with standard boxes and packing material. Once it’s all packed, we advise you the final total volume / size of your shipment and confirm the price and shipping schedule. Shipping from Bali usually takes 5 weeks on the water (Bali to Felixstowe) and can take another week or more clearing from port in Felixstowe before making its way to our warehouse in Slough. Keep reading to learn timing and pricing.

Our next container from Bali to the UK is scheduled for loading IN…

This container has now closed. We'll soon be updating for the next available UK shipment.

Shipping cost will be £230 per cubic metre, landed in Felixstowe.

This price includes:

  • Pick up in the Badung and Ubud areas (the main craft and furniture supply areas).
  • Standard, single-face packing.
  • Fumigation.
  • Local shipping charges between Bali and outgoing international port in Surabaya.
  • International freight.
  • Basic product insurance.
  • UK customs clearance in the UK upon arrival.
  • UK VAT, duties and import fees on handicrafts and furniture.

These services are not included in our rates but are available at extra charges — please contact us before pick up for a quotation:

  • Intensive quality control is available at an additional charge.
  • Photography is available at an additional charge.
  • Product labelling is not required for UK shipments but is available an an additional charge.

Please note that certain items like jewellery or clothing or shell items or items carved from bone may require additional certification, fumigation or additional duties. In this case, we will let you know in advance. If you suspect your shipment may require additional certification, treatment or duties, please try to let us know in advance.

Rate does not include postage / trucking from our UK warehouse to your address in the UK.

Items in Bali outside the usual pick up areas, may have an additional pick up charge — if so, we will advise you in advance.

Only standard packing material (cardboard boxes, carton roll, shredded paper, standard labels) are included. Wood crates, frames, custom labels, custom boxes are all charged separately. Items requiring special packing will be advised as soon as we’re aware of the need. If you suspect you need special packing, please try to let us know in advance.

Very large and / or heavy items like stone bath tubs, buddha statues, etc., may require us hiring a forklift truck — this will be charged at a daily rate — to be advised prior to picking up your order.

Please use this form to talk to us about your shipment or ask us any questions.