Indonesia Export

We’ve been in the business of exporting handicrafts and furniture since 1995 and, we’re happy to tell you,  it’s working just fine (we won’t talk about the problems involved in doing what we’re doing from where we’re doing it — you’ll have to use your imagination).

We sell wholesale only. If you’re a ‘qualified wholesale buyer’ – we speak your language. We can help you in many, many ways. As anyone who has done business with Asia already knows, there are problems. Always.

We can also help you source products and suppliers. We’re profit-oriented, of course, but we’re also friendly.

Our on-line prices are set (see our Request for Prices form on each catalogue page), while we offer further discounts to customers contracting for multiple containers and special bulk purchase customers. And we remain flexible even beyond that. We’re in business to sell products, and then sell them again (you get the idea).

Our firm adheres rigidly to Western business ethics and we’re quite proud of that.

So, that’s basically what we’re all about. We’re interested in helping you in anyway that we can. If you have questions related to our country, or importing and exporting, or whatever… if we can answer them, we happily will.